Khalifa Fund is the Independent Economic Development Agency of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

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Khalifa Fund focuses on funding and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Emirates and MENA region. Implementing the vision of the late Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the fund is committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, adopting a combined visionary and practical approach to nurturing business growth in the United Arab Emirates.

Offering training and mentoring, funding, and universal access to an entrepreneurial ecosystem, each of Khalifa Fund’s support initiatives has been established, and is dynamically optimised, to meet and exceed the evolving needs of the UAE’s SME sector. Committed to empowering growth-minded professionals, the fund also supports UAE nationals as they work to achieve their commercial goals. Expanding business horizons enables Emirati businesses to look beyond the Emirates and to positively contribute to the nation’s economy.


A prosperous and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.


To elevate the efficiency of entrepreneurs and SMEs by building capabilities, unlocking financing and service options, integrating with diverse stakeholders, and developing an entrepreneurial culture.

Message from the Chairman

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) play a pivotal role in driving economic growth. These enterprises are vital components in our endeavour to establish a knowledge-based economy and vibrant private sector, aligning with the visionary agenda set by our esteemed leadership.

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the development and sustainability of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing essential financing, support, and growth opportunities.

Our dedication extends to supporting businesses that align with the directives set out in the UAE National Agenda, particularly those that bring value to the services sector and leverage innovative solutions to enhance our national economy’s competitiveness, both regionally and globally.

Guided by the expectations of our wise leadership and the UAE government, we are inspired to achieve greater heights. Our responsibilities extend well beyond mere financial support; we strive to ensure the long-term viability, continuous growth, and global recognition of MSMEs as distinguished national offerings.

Khalifa Fund Icons H.E. Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi
H.E. Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi

Chairman of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Message from the CEO

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has fostered a tremendous impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem since its establishment in 2007. We have played a pivotal role in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of successful businesses. Our dedication to empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises has been the cornerstone of our success.

We owe our effectiveness to our unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary tools for success, including entrepreneurship capabilities, knowledge building, business skills, networking opportunities, and financial support. By equipping entrepreneurs with these resources, we enable their success and contribute to the economic vision and strategic plans of Abu Dhabi.

Our strategic objectives revolve around nurturing knowledge and innovation among UAE nationals, catering specifically to the needs of potential entrepreneurs. As such, we have designed our entrepreneurship training programs to empower individuals to create, manage, and grow their businesses successfully. We are passionate about spreading a culture of entrepreneurialism which drives forward innovation in the market. Through our endeavours, we align with the broader diversification ambitions of the UAE.

Our future is driven by commitment to excellence, innovation, and the enrichment of the entrepreneurship culture. We are eager to embark on a wider range of initiatives and strategic programs that will enable us to fulfil the vision set forth by our wise leadership. With their guidance and support, we are confident in our ability to create a thriving ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs and contributes to the prosperity of the UAE.

Khalifa Fund Icons H.E. Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouei
H.E. Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouei

CEO, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development