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The Zaarie programme was created by Khalifa Fund to revolutionise farming practices in the United Arab Emirates. Empowering Emirati farmers with the education and funding required to do so, programme participants are actively reducing water use, stabilising year-round production, enhancing the Emirates’ food security, and employing sustainable agriculture practices – increasing productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing the nation’s reliance on imported produce.

By employing hydroponic technology, farmers in the Zaarie programme are supporting the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy 2051.

The Zaarie programme offers a comprehensive package of financial and non-financial services to support the agricultural sector as farmers increasingly move to growing local crops using hydroponic farming technology.

Financial Support

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Loan Programme

Flexible loans up to a maximum limit of AED 1 Million can be offered interest-free. An applicant contribution of 5% must be paid in advance of funding release.

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Maximum grace period is 24 months (a 12-month extension can be negotiated). Maximum repayment period of 120 months. Financing for hydroponic farms only.

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Terms and Conditions

Applicants must be 21 years old or older. The farm should belong to the applicant and be more than 4000 square metres in size. Electricity availability of 100 kW is required, as well as water availability with two wells. Candidates must pass the related Zaarie training programme. A production plan commitment is required, in agreement with the Farmers Services Center. Specified hydroponics and greenhouse systems must meet the specifications of the Farmers Services Center.

Non-Financial Support

The non-financial support provided by the Zaarie programme reflects a holistic approach to supporting Emirati farmers. By combining financial assistance, technical expertise, training, and promoting investment in agriculture, the programme aims to empower farmers, develop the agricultural sector, and enhance food security in the UAE.

Training and Extension Courses

The Zaarie programme offers comprehensive training and extension courses, including:

  • Technical training in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Center.
  • Specialised business training in the fields of accounting, budgeting, resource management, and management.
Agricultural Experts Transfer Knowledge
  • Agricultural experts transfer knowledge to farmers and their employees.
Continuous Monitoring
  • Technical checks and business progress reviews are conducted during the setup and operational phases.
Khalifa Fund Logistic Programme
  • Subsidising logistic costs in agreement with Masaar.
Marketing Services
  • Agreements with several major retail outlets in the country provide the following marketing facilities:
    • Free supplier registration with outlets.
    • Farmer members can collect payments within two weeks instead of 90 days, supporting competitive pricing and preferential terms.
    • Contribution to reducing the costs of transporting crops from the farm to the outlets.
  • Participation in exhibitions and events.

Locations and Operations

90 projects are currently operational and functioning smoothly. Periodic monitoring of these projects continues to track their progress.


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Abu Dhabi


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Al Ain


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Al Dharfa


Micro Operation Centres with Zaarie Growers and Union Co-op
  • Enhances marketing and logistic services for farmers
  • Addresses logistics challenges – subsidised logistics costs (60%)
  • Promotes self-sufficiency
  • Builds growers’ capabilities
  • Supports an efficient supply chain
Climate-Resilient Modular Farms: EXPO Project with ICBA, ADFSA, and EAD
  • Desert Farm to Fork
  • Halophyte-based Food Products
  • Biosaline agriculture
  • Solutions for utilising reject brine
  • Modular farms for climate change adaptation
LevelUP – Agritech Program
  • Supports startup innovators in AgriTech
  • Provides tools and opportunities
  • Promotes innovation
  • Local food supply chain resilience
CEO programme – AgriTech Edition

Supporting and facilitating the development of government employees, transitioning them to become full-time entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi’s Agricultural and Food tech sector.

Comprehensive programme for Managing Zaarie Farms – Gracia Group
  • Changing consumption patterns
  • Supporting government efforts to promote local production
  • Building internal capabilities / optimising sales and supply chain efficiencies
  • Initial programme cohort of 15 farms
Agriculture SME Fund – AgriTech Growth Fund
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture and AgriTech ventures
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector
  • Creating a sustainable food supply for the future

Program Outcomes

Improving farming methods

Reducing water consumption

Supporting Emirati farmers to adopt hydroponic technology

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Enhancing UAE food security

Promoting local farming

Revolutionising agricultural practices in the United Arab Emirates

Stakeholders and Service Providers

Khalifa Fund’s partnership programme adds value and supports collaboration within the commercial community of the United Arab Emirates.

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