The Khalifa Fund offers strategic programmes that support small to medium-sized businesses. Networking and collaboration. Agriculture innovation and sustainability. Youth education and entrepreneurial mentoring. Each programme is designed to meet market demand and industry needs.

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SWAN is a programme launched by Khalifa Fund, which trains Emirati women entrepreneurs on how to transform their home-based businesses into licensed commercial enterprises, is underway in Abu Dhabi.

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Revolutionising farming practices in the UAE, the Zaarie programme empowers local farmers with the education and funding required to increase productivity, sustainability, and efficiency, reducing the nation’s reliance on imported fresh food produce.

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Growth Opportunities and Franchise

Franchising is a catalyst for UAE SME development, offering growth stage companies a way to scale efficiently, capitalise on local market dynamics, and grow in a cost efficient manner. The Franchise UAE platform assists this process.

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Venturist Entrepreneur Summer Camp

Designed to spark early-stage entrepreneurial spirit, inspire ideas, and to build confidence, the Venturist Entrepreneur Summer Camp offers an accessible and tailored educational experience to young people (13-18 years) with a passion for business and enterprise.

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SME Tribe

SME Tribe is an established business development and professional support initiative. Founded by Khalifa Fund, it brings together emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry participants from the retail, tourism, healthcare, ICT, agriculture, financial services, and real estate industries.

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