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Khalifa Fund Membership Programme

Offering business support to non-funded SMEs, a diverse range of services are available to members to support every phase of their commercial lifecycle. Member benefits are extensive and include everything from the waiving of government fees to curated connection opportunities with industry stakeholders and client prospects.

Access to new markets is also a priority, with members participating at events, conferences, and networking forums, locally and internationally. Procurement opportunities, pipeline building, and professional training are all part of the support provided by Khalifa Fund’s Member Programme, which aims to nurture business development and commercial growth.

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Membership Benefits

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Project Lifecycle Support

Khalifa Fund supports entrepreneurs from initial business ideas to global expansion, providing tools and expertise for business growth.

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Networking Events and
Industry Forums

Khalifa Fund’s events connect entrepreneurs with industry peers, clients, and experts. We support crucial networking and educational sessions designed to drive growth.

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Facilitating Government Fee Waivers for Entrepreneurs

Simplifying the navigation of government regulations and fee payments, Khalifa Fund can facilitate fee waivers through agreements with entities, reducing financial strain for entrepreneurs.

Membership Benefits

Streamlining Contact with Stakeholders

Khalifa Fund connects entrepreneurs with authorities, streamlining regulatory approval, permit, and certification processes.

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Priority Tendering Opportunities

Our partner agreements grant entrepreneurs priority access to tendering, enhancing competitiveness, and helping  to secure valuable contracts for business growth.

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Facilitating Entry into
New Markets

We offer entrepreneurs the go-to-market support they need by leveraging agreements with Khalifa Fund’s key connections.

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Engaging in Trade Shows and Exhibitions

We provide Khalifa Fund members with opportunities to engage in trade shows – broadening horizons, expanding experiences, and creating commercial connections.

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Securing Business Locations

Khalifa Fund partners with strategic entities to secure prime commercial locations that align and support member entrepreneurs’ business goals.

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Tailored Training for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Our training programs cater to the distinct development needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs, providing essential skills needed to succeed in a variety of dynamic business environments.

Partners and Service Providers

Khalifa Fund’s partnership programme adds value and supports collaboration within the commercial community of the United Arab Emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about applying for funding, available services, evaluation criteria, and more. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us directly.