Dedicated to the Growth of the UAE’s Entrepreneurial Talent and Economic Development, Industry Leaders and Government Entities Partner with Khalifa Fund.

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Partners and Collaborations

Working to deliver a diverse range of globally relevant educational and strategic business initiatives, local, regional, and international development agencies and major corporations partner with Khalifa Fund to support our mission. In collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Economy, we have established strategic partnerships with private sector and federal entities in the UAE, MENA, and worldwide. Our partnership and collaboration efforts enable us to build, activate, and sustain a fully connected ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship, innovation, attracts venture investment, and drives business growth.

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Members will have the opportunity to benefit from potential waivers and discounts on licenses, permits, and other government fees

Members can take advantage of potential discounts on listing and shelving fees.

Members will have the opportunity to benefit from retailer and online seller services, such as order fulfillment, customer support, and marketing.

Our financial solutions partners provide members with access to next-generation digital banking solutions.

Our Financial sector members will have the opportunity to
benefit from preferential rates on payment processing fees.

Our members can make use of ERP, inventory management, and cloud services to help businesses run more efficiently.